Summer Skillz: Clinic Guidelines


Skillz Check has developed Summer Skillz Guidelines that will be implemented for all clinics. These guidelines will require a cooperative relationship between the facility, organization, coach, parent, and player.

The organization and host facility must create a safe environment for the players, parents/guardians, coaches and facility operators. Players and coaches must be responsible for, adhere to, and respect the social distancing requirements and guidelines that have been established. The facility is responsible for adhering to all state public health guidelines.

Skillz Check will have ample tent space set up for shelter throughout the day. Coaches will assist players with filling up water bottles. Skill Check training will incorporate a fun variety of technical and tactical training as well as limited games, activities, and scrimmages.

Skillz Check will be following Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Guidelines throughout the phased return to play. Participants, parents, family and spectators taking part in soccer and soccer related activities do so with the knowledge of risk and potential exposure involved. In doing so they agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the online registration process, all players have completed and signed off on the COVID-19 Waiver. Players MUST submit a health assessment form online prior to arrival to camp. There will be no exceptions.


▶︎ Parents must take their player’s temperature prior to arriving and complete the online health assessment form. If the temperature is over 100.4 degrees, the player is not permitted to attend training. The player must be 24 hours temperature free prior to returning-to-training.

▶︎ Before entering the facility, players are required to apply hand sanitizer. (personally supplied).

▶︎ Players will ONLY be allowed to enter and depart the facility using the designated entrance/exit (located between the tennis courts and baseball diamond).


▶︎ Campers will train in their Skillz Check “group” and be assigned a specific Skillz Check coach(s). There will be limited interaction between groups.

▶︎ Campers must have masks with them at all times. They are allowed to take them off when they are out of proximity to other players (i.e. when social distancing is possible). Instances in which they can remove the facial covering during training or competition include during long runs down the field, for plays without close contact, and in the goal. They can also remove the facial covering during high intensity aerobic or anaerobic activities. Coaches and officials must wear facial coverings at all times when social distancing is not possible. Players must wear facial coverings at all times on the sidelines when social distancing is possible and during huddles.

▶︎ Sharing of drinks and snacks will be prohibited and sharing of soccer balls and any other equipment will be discouraged.

▶︎ Excessive physical contact between players or coaches (this includes high-fives, fist bump, etc.) will be discouraged. Celebration and encouragement is very important to our coaches so we will encourage “air” high fives and other non-contact displays of celebration.

▶︎ Coaches will remind players to use hand sanitizer during all breaks. Coaches will be required to use hand sanitizer frequently (i.e. hourly)

▶︎ Coaches will be responsible for cleaning equipment (i.e. cones, balls, etc.).

▶︎ Snack breaks for each Skillz Check pod will be scheduled to allow for proper social distancing between groups.

▶︎ Campers staying for lunch will be required to bring their own lunch (brown bag) and will be discouraged from sharing. Campers will be assigned to a designated lunch area where they will have separation from other groups.


▶︎ Players will leave the camp session under their coach’s direction and will only be allowed to use the designated exit.

▶︎ Upon exiting the training area, players are recommended to apply hand sanitizer. Players proceed directly to their cars after camp each day.


▶︎ Parents/Guardians, siblings, friends or players (before or after practice) will not be allowed to congregate in common areas at anytime.

▶︎ Coaches must complete a COVID-19 education training prior to the start of camp.

▶︎ Parents/Guardians must not leave until the player is notified to enter the training fields and you must return prior to the end of your player’s camp session.

▶︎ An Isolation area will be identified; Should a child become sick during a session, they will be sent to isolation area and parent will be contacted by staff coach to bring the child home.

▶︎ Skillz Check will designate a COVID-19 point person responsible for ensuring adherence to guidelines by coaches, players and the facility.