Skillz Drill of the Week

Hone Your Skillz At Home

Progression Cone Drill

There are many skillz that you can practice on your own with limited space and resources. Below is a drill that any player can easily do in a basement, bedroom or the backyard. The complexity of the drill is controlled by the individual player, which makes this one of the best at-home exercises you can do.

Progression Cone Drill (
click here or the image below)

Goal: Become adept using all parts of your foot in tight spaces. Being able to control the ball at varying speeds and under a variety of situations will improve all aspects of your technical game.

Requirements: Soccer ball and cones (or anything you can find at home that you can move around - be creative!)

Application: This video shows you several different exercises that you can do on your own. Placing the cones in varying proximity and focusing on fast feet and maximum touches will not only improve your foot skills but it will also increase your heart rate.

Skillz Tips: Use all parts of your feet (top, bottom, side, etc.). Be as creative as possible with the placement of cones, make sure you change direction frequently, and always set up a variety of challenges that make you uncomfortable and test your skills.

"Every drill that we do at Skillz Check is never one dimensional or robotic. We challenge players to find a variety of ways to do the drill so that there is creativity in every movement. That way, when they are on the field and in tight situations, they will have multiple options to choose from and the confidence to apply them in a pressure situation."

- Coach Mo Keita