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Skillz Check maintains an active role in local communities with the goal of providing positive soccer experiences to players of all levels and professional-level support to the town organizers, board members and volunteer coaches.

As a dedicated skills development program, Skillz Check is focused on clinic and camp-based offerings and not team development, so it is a perfect complement for town or club programs looking to provide its players with additional training opportunities.

Below is a summary of how Skillz Check currently supports and works with local communities. To learn more or to set up your partnership with Skillz Check, contact Mo Keita at mokeita@skillzcheck.com.




The Skillz Check staff is able to schedule and run affordable camps throughout the season. From week-long summer or vacation camps to weekly sessions or one-day pre-season “boot camps”, Skillz Check is able to bring together players from town programs for a fun soccer experience. The camps are a perfect way to provide town players with professional technical and tactical training that they might otherwise never experience all the while building town spirit and camaraderie.

Get Involved: Camps can be scheduled for all age groups (boys and girls) in a town program or arranged for individual teams and/or age groups. Skillz Check secures and manages facility rentals to avoid further burdening town facilities.


Tryouts and player evaluations have become increasingly challenging for many parents, coaches and organizations. To assist town organizers and coaches, Skillz Check is able to help run professional and objective tryouts. The goal is to help town programs properly assess and place players based on technical proficiency, athletic ability and understanding of the game so that they can have a positive soccer experience. Being placed on an appropriate team is critical for a player to enjoy the game and maximize their ability to develop skills.

The Skillz Check staff has experience evaluating players from the highest to most beginner levels. Working with town organizers, the Skillz Check staff is able to execute the tryout process with the town organizers and then provide recommendations for team placement. The collaborative effort also provides coaches with valuable experience on how to evaluate and assess players of varying ages and skill levels.

Outside oversight of the tryout process is a way for town organizers and volunteer coaches to remove themselves from the assessment process and it offers the town coaches with access and on-site training by a professional team of coaches.

Get Involved: A preliminary meeting or discussion about the goals and objectives for your town program is the first step towards establishing a professional evaluation process. From full-scale tryout management to consulting services, Skillz Check will work to develop a process that is best for your town program.


Skillz Check has developed a program that allows towns to offer special access to Skillz Check clinics and camps while also raising money to support local programming and administrative efforts. All participating towns receive a percentage back for every player or team that registers for a Skillz Check clinic or camp. That money can be used to offset expenses incurred by the town program or to set up player scholarships and grants.

Get Involved: Our staff is ready to set up a custom partnership that works for your town.


The Skillz Check staff regularly volunteers its services with local community groups that are focused on bringing the game of soccer to underserved communities or groups.

The goal of these training sessions is to further the mission of the community groups and provide the young participants with new experiences that build confidence, introduce positive role models and create opportunities for leadership, healthy living and even academic achievement. Skillz Check has also managed equipment drives to help provide the necessary equipment for soccer training.

Get Involved: If your community group is looking to incorporate soccer as part of its youth development and enrichment programming, please contact us.