2020-21 Winter Skillz Guidelines (DIS Wilmington)


Below are the facility and program guidelines and protocols that are in place for 2020-21 Winter Skillz sessions at DIS Wilmington

FACILITY POLICIES (non negotiable)

DIS Wilmington follows all Massachusetts guidelines.

CLICK HERE to review the complete DIS Reopening Guidelines.

Here are the non-negotiable facility rules that we must follow:

1) Absolutely NO spectators are allowed in the facility
Although having parents, friends and guardians watch our sessions has always been an important part of Skillz Check, we must adhere to this rule or else we will not be allowed to continue our Winter Skillz sessions. This had been made very clear to all visiting groups of the facility. If any non-players or non-coaches enter the facility, Skillz Check will lose access to the facility.

Exception For 8 & Under Players: Players who are 8 years old or younger are allowed to be accompanied by one parent/adult.

2) Players must enter and exit through the designated location and should arrive at their stated start time
Skillz Check has created a detailed facility diagram (see top right) that outlines where your player will enter and exit the facility. We will also be assigning each player a specific training location where they can report directly to every Saturday.

Our field space will be broken into three distinct playing pods of approximately 10 to 12 players. The pod space will be clearly defined by cones and signage. There will be limited (if any) movement of players between pods once a session begins. Attendance will be taken by our coaches upon arrival for every session for COVID-19 tracing purposes. We will also be scheduling in a short “buffer” time between sessions so that players can exit and enter safety and to allow our coaches to sanitize all equipment and any bench surfaces.

3) Masks must be worn at all times
The mask requirement applies to all spectators and chaperones, coaches, staff, referees, umpires, and other officials.

SAFETY GUIDELINES (a cooperative effort!)

Skillz Check has developed specific health protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of every player, coach and our community. It is imperative that every family adhere to these guidelines and remain vigilant from start to finish.

1) Player Health Attestation
Every player is responsible for conducting a personal health assessment. Participants should make sure that they do not show any COVID-19 symptoms (click here). If a player is not able to attest to full health, they are not to report to any Skillz Check session. A weekly reminder will be sent to all players.

2) Masks & Facial Coverings
Facial coverings must be worn by all players during active play. A facial covering is defined a face mask or cloth facial covering that completely covers the nose and mouth.

3) Hand Sanitizer
Every player should have personal hand sanitizer with them at all times and should apply hand sanitizer on a regular basis including but not limited to before and after every training session.

OUR SESSIONS (quick overview)

Although every session is unique, each Skillz Check session typically includes individual technical drills, small area activities and games and scrimmage play at the end. Our optimal player-to-coach will help to ensure maximum player development.

Any questions can be directed to support@skillzcheck.com.