Winston Hougton, Trainer

Winston Hougton, Trainer

Winston is the Coaching Director and Co-Founder of Elite UK Soccer Training, LLC. U.E.F.A'C' Coaching License. U.S.S.F'C' Equivalent. Winston is a Youth School Player with

the English Premier team Aston Villa and a Semi-Professional player in the English Midland Combinations Leagues. Coaching within the Community Scheme for Birmingham City, an English Premier League Soccer Club.

Degree in Business and Sports Studies from the University of Wolverhamton and was the Division One top goal scorer and Striker for Souhegan Valley Men's Team, a New Hampshire state Division One league team.

Winston is the Head Coach of Milford Middle School Boy's team. He has also trained the Hesser College Girl's team. Winston is a Head Coach and a trainer at successful club sides within the Granite State and Seacoast Leagues.

He is the Co-Head of Development for 12 teams at Souhegan Valley United Soccer Club.